Semiautomatic Rifles


A.R.G.O. ® Benelli’s gas operating mechanism is famed for its reliability, strength and safety and guarantees accurate shooting over the years – as approved by the Marines.Simplicity, sturdiness, original and ingenious design are thedistinguishing features of the patented A.R.G.O. Auto RegulatingGas Operated system, the gas-operated mechanism at the heartof the Argo and M4 models.Consisting of a gas operation unitcontaining a short-stroke...
MR1 is the semi-automatic rifle that best embodies all that Benelli energy, versatily and reability. It aims to provide a weapon combining the benefits of military models with those of civilian guns. The gas system, the safe hardwearing locking system, and the use of high quality materials constructed in compliance with the strictest industrial parameters, mean that MR1 can guarantee high performance in a .223-caliber Remington. Derived from the Benelli M4 12-caliber semi-automatic designed to guarantee exceptional operation and 100% reliability in all situations and conditions. A rifling pitch of 9" has been chosen from this new Benelli, meaning that the weapon can make best use of the performance of all bullet types. Easily handled, 100% reliable, hard-wearing, durable, safe, versatile, easy to use and precision shooting: these were the objectives underpinning the MR1 design.
Mechanics :
Geometric locking with rotating bolt, gas operating unit with Argo E System short stroke piston
Ga .223 Rem
5 rounds
Stock and fore-end :
Stock length trigger measured / deviation :
354 mm / LH and RH adjustments
Drop at heel :
62,5 mm with 12,5 + 2" barrel + Ghost sights + Telescopic stock (5 rounds) - 73 mm with 16" barrel + Ghost sights + Pistol grip stock (5 rounds) - 69 mm with 20" barrel + Ghost sights + Standard stock (5 rounds)
Drop at comb :
43 mm adjustable at 41, 44.5, 46
In Ergal anodizzata nera opaca
Fixed blade front sight, vertically and transversely adjustable rear sight
Safety :
Manual safety on trigger guard. Can be engaged with hammer cocked and bolt open or locked
Trigger guard :
Right-handed, 6 rifles
Recoil pad :
5 rounds loader
3.450 gr. approx. with 12,5 + 2" barrel + Ghost sights + Telescopic stock (5 rounds) - 3.700 gr. approx. with 16" barrel + Ghost sights + Pistol grip stock (5 rounds) - 3.600 gr. approx. with 20" barrel + Ghost sights + Standard stock (5 rounds)
Instructions for maintenance and spare parts:
Technical data:

Accessori/Canne Fucile

32,5 + 5 cm (flashguard) + Ghost Sights + scope mounting + telescopic stock - 5 rounds

40.6 cm + Ghost Sights + pistol grip stock - 5 rounds

50,7 cm + Ghost Sights + standard stock - 5 rounds

Configura Accessori

Clear personalization


Tree Rail
Scope mounting rail
This scope mounting rail lets you fit any type of scope or night sights for more accurate shooting. Easy installation. Technical service not needed. i
Pistol grip stock
Pistol grip stock to replace the standard stock. i
Telescopic stock
5 round loader