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Beccaccia Supreme
The Beccaccia Supreme is the perfect semiautomatic shotgun for hunting woodcock. Its new spreader gives a broader but more densely packed shot pattern at 10-20 metres (32% better than those of our competitors). The Beccaccia Supreme is agile enough...
Vinci Camo Wood
Form and function have always gone hand in hand in the developement of the Vinci. This revolutionary semi-automatic shotgun is now avaible in a look that is sure to appeal to lovers of classic styling. This new model comes with an exclusive cam...
Vinci Black
The Vinci is the first and only semiautomatic shotgun with an innovative locking system that lets you remove or change the stock without tools, even on the hunting ground. The stock features a completely new grip and checkering design and...
Comfort 20
This new Comfort 20 gauge features Benelli’s acclaimed ComforTech technology. An impressive reduction in recoil, vibration and muzzle climb combines with ultra-rapid shouldering and aiming to guarantee unrivalled performance. Interchangeable...
Raffaello Arabesque
A special addition to the long-acclaimed Raffaello shotgun range, the Arabesque Limited Edition features flowing decorations surrounding two cameos, one depicting a faithful dog and the other a pair of ducks, both finished in gold on a cobalt blue...
Super Black Eagle II Limited Edition
The Super Black Eagle II Limited Edition is a semi-automatic shotgun with a 3½” chamber for customers who want a high performance Super Magnum but do not want to compromise on class and elegance. The new SBE II has become a must for duck hunters....
Argo E Limited Edition
The Argo E is a true jewel of Benelli technology. Now, this superbly reliable rifle also comes in a prestigious finish, with precious engravings that add character and elegance. The bolt side of the receiver depicts a wild boar in flight towards the...
Legacy 28
The Raffaello Legacy 28 shotgun is dedicated to truly sporting and refined hunters who love the "challenge" of a small bore and who appreciate the slender lines and perfect balance of this unique semi-automatic. The elegance of the Raffaello Legacy...


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